Spelt and Yoghurt Rolls

This week here in the UK it is the annual Real Bread Maker Week.  It is hoped that this week will inspire us to think about what ‘Real Bread’ is, possibly bake some of our own or else get out to the local bakers that do make ‘Real Bread’ and support them.  The Real Bread Campaign is an excellent initiative to encourage and support the local bread makers as well as to educate us bread buyers on what we are actually buying and what we should be buying! Check out the campaigns homepage for more details, interesting FAQ’s about bread and for a map to find your own local ‘Real Bread’ baker.

Hopefully like us you’ll be inspired to make some bread of your own this week.  It really is a lovely process and so rewarding to be eating your own freshly baked bread.  Growing up our mum went through periods of baking all the bread we ate and there is nothing better than waking in the morning to the smell of warm bread around the kitchen.  Yum! Its a little difficult to think about adding bread baking into my packed daily routine but its quite nice to bake a loaf or two on a Sunday, and once your in the swing of it, it really isn’t as time consuming as you would  think.

This recipe is one from the latest book I’m shooting.  The book is all about Grains and has a lovely chapter on breads.  These spelt and yoghurt rolls were really simple to make..and they taste so good.  The addition of yoghurt to the dough gives a lovely texture.

Let us know what your favourite bread to bake or buy is… here are some of mine:

Best bread recipe book – Bourke St Bakery… I love this book because I love the bakery in Sydney Australia but also because everything I’ve ever made from the book turns out just as delicious as it you would hope and better.  I love making their olive oil flatbread, great for rolls or for a pull apart for a picnic.

Favourite local Real Bread – I would have to say the local Farmers Market.  Most Sundays we walk to the farmers market and the bread is always something that is a must buy.  Made from fresh sourdough only, it is too good to miss.

5tsp dried active yeast
75ml lukewarm water
2 tbs soft light brown sugar
200ml plain yoghurt
200g wholemeal spelt flour
200g white spelt flour
½ tbs salt
1 beaten egg
pumpkin seeds to sprinkle on top

Put the yeast in 50ml of the water with 1 tsp of the sugar, stir well and leave somewhere warm to sit for 15 minutes. It will start to ‘sponge’. Mix the yoghurt with the rest of the sugar and stir to blend. Sift the flours then put the bran collected in the sieve back into the flour. Add the salt.

Make a well in the centre of the dry ingredients and pour the sponged yeast mixture followed by the yoghurt into it. Mix everything together well with a wooden spoon or a blunt edged knife, then start to bring things together with your hands. Add the rest of the water if you need it (plus more if necessary) or more flour if you need that (of either type). Knead the dough for 10 minutes by hand or for 6 minutes in a mixer with a dough hook attachment. Put the dough into a bowl and lightly oil all over with sunflower or groundnut oil. Cover with lightly oiled clingfilm and leave somewhere warm to rise for an hour.

Heat the oven to 200 C. Lightly dust your work surface with flour and knock back the dough for about 30 seconds. Now, using floured hands, split the dough into 10 little balls. Put them onto a large baking sheet lined with baking paper leaving room around each one for them to expand. Cover loosely with lightly oiled cling film and leave somewhere warm to sit for about half an hour to prove.

Carefully paint the rolls with the beaten egg then sprinkle on the seeds. Put into the oven and bake for 30 minutes. Once they are cool enough to handle move then onto a wire rack. You can leave them to cool or you can eat them lukewarm – they are delicious warm.

All images on this post by Deirdre Rooney.


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