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It was a few months between shared baked goods for our baking club but this week we reconvened for a cookie/biscuit bake off. Whether you call them cookies or biscuits is irrelevant, the things that matter are the versatile flavor combinations that can be dreamed up and made, the texture that can range anywhere from crunchy to chewy, the sugar hit that we all want to get from a sweet treat and the  cute little size that allows you to justify reaching into the cookie jar numerous times in one sitting. Our cookies definitely ticked all of these boxes and more, and… exciting news (insert drum role here)… we had a new member join us, it’s so nice to see our little gathering slowly growing!!

So, here are the featured cookies this month..

Anzac Biscuits – Actually made from a recipe on this blog (the Donna Hay one here) although a few changes were made… self raising flour was used instead of plain, and actually I think it may have added to the delicious chewiness of these biscuits. Who can go past an Anzac biscuit?? These ones were perfectly chewy and a lovely size for tea dunking or after school snack for the kids. I’m so glad that Anzacs were made for our baking club, sometimes it’s easy to get carried away and think up amazing new treats to make but nothing beats a good old classic!!

Apricot and Almond Cookies – These were very cakey and filling, they tasted quite healthy in comparison to some of the other sweet cookies but so good. The apricot was a great addition as it added a delicious chewy texture to the cookie and the yummy fruity flavour that pairs so well with almond made them very moreish.I think the perfect after school snack or breakfast cookie. Recipe was from Cake Days – The Hummingbird Bakery Book.

Chocolate and Salted Caramel Yoyo’s – These were really delicious, and it was the salted caramel buttercream icing that was sandwiched in between the two chocolate biscuits that really made these amazing. The chocolate shortbread biscuits had a great chocolatey flavour as melted chocolate and cocoa powder were both used. These weren’t your everyday kind of cookies but were really yummy and would be great for parties and special occasions.

Peanut Butter Cookies – Yummy!!! These had a great peanut butter flavour to them and a really nutty texture. they were a nice big size and had a good crunch to them but still had a slight bit of chewyness. As we learnt from our fellow baker when making peanut butter cookies it’s much better to use smooth peanut butter in the mixture and roast your own chopped peanuts to add so that you don’t miss out on the really nutty texture and flavour that you should get from a peanut butter cookie. The recipe for these was taken from the Baked in America cookbook by Outsider Tart.

Iced Vovo Cookies – Last but definitely NOT least, we had an amazing treat, iced vovo’s!!! As 3 of the 5 bakers in our club are Australian these went down very well and bought back loads of childhood memories. For those that aren’t from down under these are a favourite biscuit of ours, made on a thin and crunchy arrowroot base and topped with a smear of strawberry jam, pink marshmallow and a sprinkle of coconut. Our baker definitely replicated the original shop bought type very well. She even went a step further by making a “smore” variation. Instead of the strawberry jam, nutella was spread over the arrowroot base and white marshmallow (homemade by the way) was piped on top with grated dark chocolate. Both variations were to die for and the homemade marshmallow definitely was the key to these little treats, these would be great to make for kids parties as they are very fun and are a bit of a novelty.

And there you have it, the cookie eddition of baking club, if you would like any of the recipes please let us know and we would love to share them with you, also let us know if our baking club days have inspired you to start your own… I hope they have!! It really is so nice to have an excuse to gather around a table with friends, drink tea, eat amazing homebaked goodies and discuss the joys of baking so lets spread the baking club love!!!

Oops, I forgot to mention that next months theme is cheesecakes… no need to say more!!!


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