Wimbledon Finals Day – Strawberries and Cream

Its an exciting time here in London, aside from the special occasions this year (Royal Diamond Jubilee and the up and coming Olympics), annually at the end of June/beginning of July its time to fill the glasses with some Pimms, nibble on Strawberries and Cream and soak up the atmosphere of the major British tennis tournament, Wimbledon.

Its the first year that I haven’t had a chance to get down to Wimbledon and be a part of the action, so this year I’ll be there in spirit. Dry out of the rain ( great British Tennis weather) and making some delicious treats, inspired by the traditional strawberries and cream that are always the favourites there!

I can’t decide which recipe to make so here is a little bit of shameless self promotion are a couple I’ve styled over the last little while… I think I’ll be making both this weekend to enjoy while watching the final on Sunday with some friends and family.. Both of these recipes came from books which were designed and illustrated so beautifully by a friend of mine, Alice Chadwick.

This strawberry shortcake was in a series of books for the student or beginner cook, Cuisine pour Debutants Gateaux et Desserts This book is only in French at the moment but the first book of the series has already been printed in English also ( see here ). I love the way the recipes are illustrated, a gorgeous gift for a young someone moving out of home or going off to college..

My other favourite to make when the need to celebrate all things British summer is my Eton Mess Cupcakes… What could be better? Cake, meringue, cream and strawberries! This recipe is in my very own (first) book  which has very recently been released, Afternoon Tea in London . I love the white moist cake that this recipe produces , perfect topped with a light sweet topping.  ( I must also thank the lovely Lisa Linder for her gorgeous pictures in my book and below).

Are you a tennis fan? Tennis or not, any excuse for some strawberries and cream, oh and lets not forget the Pimms… Enjoy and Go Murray!


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