Favourites this month…

This year seems to be getting busier and flying by so quickly! Alice and I are finding we are not getting time to blog all the things we’re making and want to share with you so we decided that we would introduce another regular feature to our blog – a bit of a monthly roundup of things we’ve made and not yet blogged. We’ll share our inspiration, or where we found the recipe and for some things we’ll eventually turn it into its own blog. Certainly if there is anything shown without a recipe and you’d like it please ask …

Here’s what you’ve missed from our kitchens over the last few weeks…

1. Watermelon, Mint and Lime Vodka Cocktail inspired by this recipe from Bon Appetit
2. Chocolate Layer Cake adapted from this lovely blog
3. Fresh, local veg from our Farmers Market
4. Summer quinoa salad, using up ingredients from ‘Grains’ shoot and similar to this yummy looking one.
5. Caramel Popcorn we’re testing for a new book. Very tasty and addictive!
6. Grapefruit Curd – This one has been on the need to make list for a while and I used it to fill this gorgeous birthday cake (7.) for my dear photographer friend. It was SO delicious and FUN!


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