Favourites this month…

August has been a very busy month for Amelia and I, it’s been jam packed full with loads of birthdays, summer holidays, visitors from Australia, trips away, recipe testing, days of shooting, and all the normal craziness!! But as usual, no matter how busy life gets we still manage to fit a few cakes and batches of cookies in too. With all the birthdays and special occasions that were on our calendars for August it was only natural that sweets stole the show this month.

Here’s just a few of our favourite baking moments.

1. Crochenbouche that Amelia was asked to make for a close friends 10 year wedding anniversary. It’s no easy feat making a crochenbouche but she pulled it off easily and it looked amazing!

2. Blackberry Pate de Fruit that we’re testing for a book, recipe was similar to the one on this lovely blog.

3. Choc chip cookies that are my new go to cookie recipe. The recipe is from a favourite cook book of ours ‘Tea with Bea’. These have the perfect balance of crunch and chew.

4. Nectarine tart from this cookbook.

5. “Chomp bar” birthday cake for a friends 40th. Chomps  are an Australian chocolate bar (different to the ones in the UK) that are filled with layers of crunchy wafer and chewy caramel. They are a favourite of the Birthday boys so Amelia came up with this chomp cake. Chocolate cake layers sandwiched with caramel and crushed chocolate wafer biscuits and iced with a chocolate caramel icing… it was amazing!!

6. Gluten and sugar free banana bread for a healthy change! A lovely recipe from Teresa Cutter.

7. Red velvet cheesecake that will feature in the next baking club post (coming very soon) from the cook book Baked in America.




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