A box of organic veg and Beet Chips

Its school holidays here in Australia and I’ve just returned home from a few days staying in Sydney with the family. We had a lovely time visiting friends and family who we had not yet properly caught up with since moving back from the UK. We took the boys to some museum exhibitions and enjoyed some scrummy Sydney cafe food, Bourke Street Bakery and Bills being 2 of our breakie favourites.

We met our good friends The Deacons in Sydney. They have an organic farm in Jindabyne and treated us to a huge box of fruit and vegetables. It was so fun to get home and unpack the box, finding all sorts of gorgeous home grown fruit and vegetables as well as some pickle and jam they’d produced. The farm has been a long time dream of Jo and Nick’s and its incredible to now see it in reality and what an honor to enjoy some of the harvest! As well as running the organic farm Jo has an amazing online store, which you must check out. Ridge Organics sells certified organic products from cleaning products for the home to great gifts and skincare products.


The first of the veg I used straight away was the beetroot. Just arriving home we were all craving some relaxation and comfort food. These beetroot chips are so quick and easy to make and they taste so yummy. I also did some sweet potato the same way and absolutely loved the gorgeous autumn colours they produced.


Beet Chips:

1-2 large beetroot, washed.
1/2 cup vegetable oil
sea salt flakes to taste

It really is so simple to make these chips and you can add any root vegetables to the mix. I did some sweet potato but have previously made parsnip and potato chips the same way.
It is best to use a mandolin to slice the vegetable if you have one. So that the slices are thin and consistent.
Pour the oil into a deep frypan or saucepan and allow to heat as you slice the vegetables.
You can check that the oil is ready by placing a wooden chopstick or spoon handle into the oil. If the oil is hot enough small bubbles will form around the wood.
When the oil is ready, place 10-12 slices of beetroot separately into the oil. After a minute or so turn the slices over in the oil. They will only take about 2-3 minutes to cook, you’ll be able to tell when they are done as they will stop bubbling in the oil as the moisture has all been cooked from the beetroot. The colour change will help you too, the colour will start to fade if they are cooking too much.
Remove the chips from the oil and drain on paper towel. Sprinkle with sea salt to taste.




3 thoughts on “A box of organic veg and Beet Chips

  1. Aw yum!! I love vegetable chips of any kind, and these are so beautifully thin and crispy. I’ve tried making vege chips in the oven (in an effort to be healthy) and they just didn’t turn out the same as deep-frying them. I might try your method next time and just use some really good quality oil (hm, I wonder if coconut oil would work? I’ve been trying to incorporate it into as many recipes as possible for the health benefits!). Thanks for sharing.

    • Yes, thin slices and hot oil do seem to make the crunchiest, yummiest chips but your right, not the healthiest! I think that coconut oil could work, I’d try getting one that doesn’t have too strong a flavour. Also grapeseed or ground nut oils are healthier alternatives that should still get hot enough to do the trick. Let me know how you get on.

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