Favourites for April

April has been a busy month for me, I was away every weekend somewhere different. I love being away because it means I get to eat out and try some new places as well as old favourites so always come home filled with inspiration to cook new things. Unfortunately though being away also means that I have less time to cook myself! Still managed some yummy bits of course. Lots of cake it seems, probably because in my last month of pregnancy I seem to be wanting lots of treats.

faves this month

Starting from top left corner and moving clockwise:
* My sisters and I threw a little ‘Its a Girl’ party instead of a baby shower. Just a small affair, mostly family but a good excuse to eat drink and make girly things. Pink seems to be a shock to me after 3 boys but very fun. You’ll see more from this soon, I’ll be posting the recipes and more pictures (taken by two fellow bloggers, the lovely Emilyand Nat) separately.
* This cake, made for the party is an old favourite of ours, and one I’ve posted here before. I love the look of the beetroot flecked through the layers.
* A fresh loaf of Morpeth sourdough inspired this spur of the moment french toast breakfast. French toast is so quick and easy but for me its all about the bread. I only really make it when I can use a thick slice of brioche or lovely fresh sourdough like this one.
* Growing up Pavlova was a birthday treat that my Nan would cook on request at all of our birthdays. Its so easy to make and was a delicious way to enjoy some of summers last berries.
* This Vietnamese salad has been a summer favourite. There is a lot of chopping that needs to be done but no cooking and the flavour is well worth it. It came from GOOP, the lifestyle website by Gwyneth Paltrow and I noticed she’s also added it to her new book‘Its all good’.
* A quick afternoon tea for the boys after school this week. They call cakes in a ring tin like this ‘ doughnut cakes’ and think they are extra special. This is a very simple melt and mix cake which I’ll post soon as a made in minutes.
* I lunched on the streets of Darlinghurst, Sydney at the famous Miss Chu. It was a first for me since being back in Australia and it was absolutely as good as I’d been told. Quick simple street food packed full of flavour.


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