Made In Minutes: Rocky Road

Life has been pretty busy around here, still getting my head around the 4 child thing and spending every spare quiet moment watching our new little addition in wonderment. It really is incredible how much time can be whiled away just watching a baby. Too beautiful!

Anyway, this last week has been also been a week of birthdays so the usual busy-ness was increased with the added job of birthday baking. I must say its a fun job for me, choosing which cakes and treats to make, baking and decorating and of course enjoying the finished product.

I was pleased though when my son, who turned 7 requested Rocky Road as his treat to take to school to share with his class. What a quick and easy thing to make and guaranteed yumminess. Everyone has their personal favourites when it comes to the ingredients in rocky road. Apart from the obvious chocolate and marshmallow the list of ingredients that can be added is endless. Nuts, coconut, biscuit bits, sweets, dried fruit.. my boys though first made rocky road with one of my close friends mother and they have never wanted to eat it any other way since.

So here is our favourite rocky road:

600g good quality chocolate, broken into chunks (the better the chocolate the better your rocky road will taste! I like to use a mixture of 200g dark chocolate and 400g milk but use whatever chocolate you like to eat.)
125g butter
250g marshmallows
400g turkish delight chocolate

rocky road 3
Line the base of a 22cm square brownie tin with baking paper. ( My tin has a lift out bottom, if you don’t have one of these make sure you cut the baking paper larger than the tin so that you can use it to lift out your rocky road once its set.)
Melt the chocolate and the butter together in a bowl over a saucepan of simmering water. Stir occasionaly and remove from the heat once both the butter and chocolate has melted. Continue to stir until a smooth glossy texture and then leave to cool.
As the chocolate mixture is cooling, chop the marshmallows in half and break the turkish delight into squares.
Once the melted chocolate has cooled, add the turkish delight and the marshmallows. If the chocolate is too warm these added ingredients will begin to melt, which won’t look as pretty so make sure your chocolate is not too hot. Stir to combine well and pour mixture into the prepared tin.
Place in the fridge to set.
Once set, remove the rocky road from the tin and slice into squares.
Rocky road2

*Please excuse my extra rushed pics this post!


4 thoughts on “Made In Minutes: Rocky Road

  1. Sounds delicious, especially like the fact that even someone with my limited skills could manage it (famous last words), I’m going to make it for the summer fair in your honour! x

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